Training C3 Brussel, Belgium

Training C3 Brussel, Belgium


FROM 20 TO 22 JUNE 2022

The third training activity of the INN-CO Project was developed on Brussels, fulfilling the objectives of the Project and the training program for activity C3.
During the days of the training, general aspects of the project and its results were discussed. Note was taken of the main critical points to be resolved in order to guarantee an adequate construction of the intellectual products. Debate was generated, criteria, points of view and experiences were exchanged that allowed decision-making for future actions.
Participants included the staff team members of the project partnership: BXL Europe (Belgium), I.Re.Forr (Regional Institute for Training and Research) (Italy), SYNTHESIS Center For Research and Education (Cyprus), AROBASE Center Ressources Arobase (France), SNRSS Association for Social Cooperatives (Poland), and local representatives of SEDEC Commission and European Economic and Social Committee. The project is funded by the Erasmus + program through the Italian National Agency.


The main focus was to reinforce knowledge about the main concepts related to collaborative economy and virtual clusters creation. Were presented slides about the project in general and their final results.

Through a collaborative session at a round table, participants exchanged knowledge about digital innovation and the clustering process by using digital platforms.

A participatory workshop was organized with local stakeholders from Belgium to discuss the project results and their practical application in the SE sector. Mr Gonzales Hajdu – SEDEC Commission (Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture) and Ms Dalila Bernard – European Economic and Social Committee – Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption (INT), shared their vision about how SE can be supported in the European Union.

Meeting: SEDEC Commission (Social Policy, Education, Employment, Research and Culture) – Committee of Regions. Jacques Delors building, rue Belliard 101, B-1040, room JDE 2253

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